And 'the proposal to make a show "Design" is understood as a "project of objects without industry," a project that aims to overcome the extreme limits of architectural functionalism on the one hand and the lack of communication art on the other, through the contamination of its aspects "action planning" that distinguishes, however, the two creative operations, the rigor of the design process, that keeps him tied to the functional requirements inherent to the production of the object, and the expressiveness of the power and strength of emotion opera 'imagination, always rigorous and never arbitrary, claiming, thus, its autonomy in relation to the industry. The objects - sculpture want, above all, to be "silent witnesses" of a firm trust in the Culture Project, understood as an action that synthesizes into a single experience different creative operations. In object-sculptures investiture semantics is performed by the same functional component of the object thus acquires a role of real cultural unity of the founding process of the project. The FUNCTION, in fact, is no longer simply paid by the object but deliberately highlighting, even performed through the modeling of a shape that does not follow, only the function but becomes his own "representation". A function that extends, therefore, its ability to size the object beyond the dictates of anthropometry, ergonomics, manualistica industry.