Eyes open, I’m looking for something in the here and now. My practice finds its place between what I have in mind and what I encounter. Always seeking for the reflections that do not lie, it is a patient exercise of my vision. Frameing the intervals often unfolds underlying complexities. This revealed reality obviously shrivels at the first blink of the eye and hence the necessity to record. Considering the very limited power of oneself, I try to listen to my most human side, the one everybody is concerned about. This requires patience because it is about becoming free. It is demanding because it needs to say no to everything while hoping to attend apparitions. Actually, it stays fragile because it hangs by a thread that links clear dreams and happy encounters.
Writting seems only possible outside of the world and life itself, but it is in the desire to catch them both entirely that the sparkle shines. I want to catch it to celebrate, to understand, to make it visible, to recognize it.