Artist Statement
“Many of us live out our defining stories without being able to express them. As a visual artist, it has been a driving force in my practice to provide an articulate voice to these unspoken stories and able to permeate them with intellectual thought and conscience.

My projects frequently merge personal research with collaboration from people of various cultures, geographies and histories. This interaction begins the process of investigation, questioning and interpretation which often creates new ideas and outcomes. As I begin the research of conjuring meaning out of raw experiences, I am able to describe social and personal contexts, which often inspire inquiry and become the foundation for long-term projects.

During this process of research collection and documentation, I remain conscious of the physical and emotional responses of my audience. Throughout my practice, I employ the use of atmospheric stimuli and residual work, such as found objects, to engage the viewer into the story and allow them an interactive space to reflect on their own surroundings and predicaments.

These collaborations begin to take on the form of human-shaped media-landscapes and often contend with conflict, emotions, environment, history, culture and gender. I incorporate various media into my practice such as: installation, video, sound, photography, performance and found objects which may develop into site-specific work or public-art projects. While exploring these stories and ideas from various geographical backgrounds, I have discovered that the values expressed can often describe a much larger, global, perspective.”