Shelbatra Jashari is a conceptual multimedia artist, actress and performer who works cross-medially in film, movement, sound, space and text. Her work researches the sculptural elements of the human body, the human condition and it's representation in various poltical and thinking systems. Humour, playfulness, games and laughing are important elements with which she experiments.
She mastered at the Hogeschool Sint Lukas Brussels in the department audiovisual arts. During her studies she researched the independent filmtradition and its historical roots in the cinematic filmtradition known as illusioninst art. Her most important concerns were the visual representation of the human body and the politics and strategies that were used for this on a global level within capitalism/communism/orientalism. Her schoolwork (experimental films) were internationally screened at various international flm festivals such as IFFR, EIFF, … and were awarded at the international film festival in Courtisane Gent in 2004 and in 2007.