Lara Androvandi was born in Piombino (LI) in 1973. After she got graduation in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, she improved her artistic knowledges thanks to an award in “Art expert for artistic metals” at the T.A.M. centre in Pietrarubbia (Italy) directed by the famous italian artist Arnaldo Pomodoro. Then she collaborated with the “Studio Vegni Design” in Pisa where she had the possibility to improve her knowledges in design and graphic branches. Lara designed and realized many jewels collections also shown in international exhibitions, even in Italy or in foreigner Countries; she has also exhibited her artworks with someone of the most famous Italian contemporary artists.
After she won an International Murales Competition, she was chosen to restore the interiors of the SS. Fabiano and Sebastiano Church in Fiamignano (RI).
Since years Lara Androvandi has been teaching even History of Art at the secondary schools or Art Techniques in some private schools. She has also written and published few books and e.books speaking about art&craft.
In 2014 she started to study the traditional Art of Ebru, at first learning the characteristics of this traditional Turkish art of the XVIIth century, than to give her artworks a personal touch to join tradition and modernity, Occident and Orient.
In May 2015 she got from the Mayor of Suvereto (LI- Italy) Mr Giuliano Parodi, the “Cittadinanza Onoraria” and the “Keys of the city” for artistic merits.
Thanks to this wide knowledge, Lara Androvandi’s art moves from drawing to painting, from picture to mosaic, from sculpture to craft.