"Curiosity is the soul of the imagination ... the fleeting moment goes with photography." - Ugo Maria Cionfrini

“I am looking for the unusual … I like to discover facts and things never seen or seen before, helping me out of my Heart, everything comes in a natural way … spontaneous” Ugo Maria Cionfrini Artist

Ugo Maria Cionfrini lives and works in Rome where he graduated from the Art School already started 11 years with his Kodak United States to resume "his world" He attended the "Course in Professional Photography: from the basics to the digital" Nikon Italy and the the same time, was in the course Macro Riccardo POLINI. He participated in internships in the Camargue, organized by Nikon with Guido BISSATTINI and attended the course of the ROMAN SCHOOL of PHOTOGRAPHY. His exhibitions have been organized among the most prestigious art curators such as Prof. Achille BONITO OLIVA, Prof. Stefano PAPETTI and Prof. Vittorio SGARBI.

Ugo is best known for his pioneering work in capturing figures in Jets of water. He is considered the first artist to discover that, in water, a person can see the figures of various shapes and forms, such as animals (eg. Cobra, elephant, koala, bear, hunting dog, baboon, frog, etc.). people.

In the square my first selfie was 2007, returned a few days from London.