In September 2016, the city of Rome has once again a leading role with a prestigious event, called PREMIO ARTE ROMA, hosting, in the historic archaeological location of Domitian’s Stadium, located in the heart of Rome in Piazza Navona, the greatest exponents of Italian and International art. Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Photography and Digital Art works will be compared with the works of great artists of the ‘900 which will be present in the side-event “SPIRITO DI ROMA -The Italian Pop Art in the Piazza del Popolo School”, the theme of which becomes a symbol and character of this edition. The close correlation between the contest and the collateral event becomes the true “outline” of the main event.
The PREMIO ARTE ROMA 2016 develops in two steps: the first is the online selection, among all the candidates, of fifty works, one for each selected artist, that will be displayed in a important exhibition. The second is the choice among these ones of the only winning work which will receive the PREMIO ARTE ROMA 2016.

The event will be held from 16th September to 30th October, at the Stadium of Domitian, the archaeological site of the Piazza Navona visited by at least 15.000 tourists every month. PREMIO ARTE ROMA, in this way, puts in a position of preeminence the fifty selected artists coming from several countries, whose works will be displayed for forty-five days.

The ceremony of the proclamation of the winner, with the conferment of the title of Excellence Contemporary, will take place during the vernissage on the evening of 16 September 2016, with the simultaneous delivery of the prize money of € 5,000.00.
PREMIO ARTE ROMA 2016 and SPIRIT OF ROME together form a great event that will be able to attract the attention of collectors, art lovers and tourists, in a landscape that, never like this time, put on the same level, artists of the recent history along with the talents of today, in a setting that has more than two thousand years.
All candidate works will still be visible online,in the section “CANDIDATES” from 1st August 2016 to 30th June 2018, providing visibility, to all subscribers, worldwide, thanks to the many important partnerships.

Participate in PREMIO ARTE ROMA 2016 allows new artists to mark their cultural traces placing side by side new works with the existing ones of the great art history.