Imagine an illuminating space where different forms of art can communicate with each other, where their diversity gives them an added value. Imagine a cultural project that refuses the elitist and self-referencing concepts of contemporary art and instead, sustains the idea of art as a dynamic entity which is open for dialogue and change, cleverly provocative, capable of self-criticism if necessary, and a mirror to our time and complexity. Imagine a place where art of the past meets that of the present and where a work of art isn’t subordinate to the usual rules of expositive rhetoric, but is presented, from time to time, through original and contrasting settings. These new exhibit criteria engage both the specific goals and the complex vision, without forgetting, obviously, the communicative strength of the proposed solution. Imagine an environment where those who love and respect art and who are familiar with it or wish to know it better are welcomed. Imagine a place whose patrons do not overanalyze what often seems pointless, but instead linger in front of art without prejudice and judgment. All of this is SIMULTAENEA – SPAZI D’ARTE—not simply a gallery, but a curatorial space where conversation thrives between artists and viewers, exhibitions host interdisciplinary arts, and expositive projects not only get involved with traditional artistic language, but in a broader sense—design and creativity.