She was born in 1953.
She graduated at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin in 1976.
She lives and works in Occhieppo Superiore (BI) where she returned after a working experience as a graphic in Turin.
She began to dedicate herself to his passion for the artistic manipulation of the clay more than 25 years ago, setting up a ceramic workshop.
She is a member of the Association of Ceramic Artists in Castellamonte and of the Promoter of Fine Arts in Turin.
She has participated in numerous national shows.

The works that are presented here are part of an exhibition that has just finished

Life on Earth originated from the sea. As a maternal womb has generated, from its dark depths, every living thing. Its depths hide the secret of life and the mystery behind our existence.
Anna Banfi's exhibition at the Città Studi Library is a tribute to this liquid mother and to the soul of the world through seven Raku ceramic works.
Shells that bring us the loving voice of the sea, abstract and shining shapes that resemble sinuous curves of women, vital energy containers of metallic reflexes.