Gianluca Pozzi was born in april 1977 in Milan, where he currently lives and works.

His artistic education begins following past grandmasters, ranging from impressionist painting, then pop, abstract until classic painting. During this growth, he acquires abilities in the anatomical representation and in some art styles.

In 2001, he attends a “figure drawing” school where he improves charcoal art, oil, acrylics and black lead applied on human shapes and light study.

In 2002 he begins a fotographic approach, primaly detail of subject are central in his works, then the union of shapes, colors and painting addition will generate surreal images in his pictures.

In 2008 he starts a scenic study through theatre, he takes part in various public representations attaining to improvisation theatre.

During last years a creative artistic need brings Gianluca to test new materials, so paper inserts, books’ pages, mirrors and foodstuffs will take parts to his works; symbolism, reality and imagination mix each other creating a new visual story where the easy strokes, chromatic influence and intricacy become together pure expressive energy.

Between 2004 and 2014, he takes part to various national and international events through collective and personal exhibitions; his works had been parts of set for some theatre representations.

In 2014 he publishes with “Aletti” his first book titled “Passeggiando tra le nuvole”.