I Live and work in Rome.
I’ve improved myself with specialization courses at Experimental Center of Adams Photography and at the Graffiti Permanent School of Photography in Rome.
For me, photography is first of all a necessity, a need, and not a mere proof of concept. It’s the desire to record, and tell through the pictures all aspects of reality Sometimes the photography can be an investigative tool and social protest.
My photo features express the desire to write stories and life through pictures of the people I meet. The primary intention is to communicate that diversity is a specific resource to appraise whit the contribution that everyone can give to community were he lives.
Stylistically, I often use the wide-angle lens, also for close-up, because my first desire is to create a “penetrating gaze” towards the main character of the story, its essence. The wide-angle lenses loses his narrative meaning of description of contexts and permits an intimate style with an interior dialogue between a photographer and the portrayed subject.
Over the years I worked as a photographer with some institutions and associations as Libraries in Rome, Roma Capitale, the Ministry of Heritage and Culture - of Rome, Amnesty International.
With the Association "Education to Wellness" Onlus Rome I worked as a photographer of theater workshop integrated and, at the end of each project, with the plays "The tower new boundaries" at the theaters Amber Jovinelli and the Vessel of Rome (editions 2008/2009), and "Charming Great Age" Teatro Vessel (2014) as a set photographer.
I worked also as a photographer for the preparation of the play "The Collector" by and with Giampiero Mughini Auditorium Rome
In 2014 I published the book "Journey to Kingouè" (Republic of Congo).
In 2013 my picture was judged Commended at the Sony World Photography Awards and exposed to the Winners' Exhibition at Somerset House, London.
In 2013 I was a finalist in the Prize Arte Laguna. Exposure Venice Arsenal
As a photographer of reportage I realized several exhibitions. Among them: "Souvenir" "Jamm ng fanaane Senegal" "Narratives of daily memberships" "The people of the Mysteries of Trapani" "The calls of voodoo" and "Children of a Lesser God" The modern slavery “ The trip to Kingouè.
In 2008, finalist at San Miniato for photography show I participated in the exhibition at the Foundation's Campana Guazzesi San Miniato (PI) with the work "La Torre-New Borders".