Artist Statement
The appeal of art is not to please and to represent things in a way as it is done my modern advertising, which uses graphical polish up to create the illusion of the beautiful. Painting is focussing on the downside of complacency and has a desire to give the brutal, honest expression. Our world is not designed perfectly, clean, even and properly formed. It has evolved from a Big Bang. This development has always been accompanied by dramatic changes of something impetuous, raw and rough, which is stirring and touching in its honesty.

Painting is an exciting journey, a plunge into the world of creation. You never know the exact final outcome. Only the hand, the colour and the canvas... From the structures emerge shadows, indications of figures and things. An idea builds up and is then pursued. And just like in a real adventure one is suddenly faced with challenges that need to be managed.
Shallows and astonishment which emerge from this style may be the factor that attracts the fascination of viewers.

Bli (Mr Jürgen Bley), was born on September 4, 1970 in Steyr, Upper Austria. He is working independently as graphic designer and visual artist. He is married and lives with his family in Neuzeug near Steyr. Bli works with acrylic, oil, coal, chalk and various other mixed techniques. He is a self-taught artist with a penchant for surrealism. With his dark and sinister figures representations Bli wants to make the morbid inconceivable visible. The break between the real and the surreal have a specific fascination for him. The most common topics in his artwork come from the world of mysticism and dreams and always include a dive into the unknown.

Sexual references merge with representations of death and life to a style that deals with the eternal cycle of birth and death, creation and destruction.