I was born and grown up in Seoul, South Korea. I graduated from “Ewha Womans University” Seoul with a Bachelor in Fine Arts / Painting, but the spectrum of my artworks often exceeds the boundaries of various genres.
I was very open for almost all kinds of arts and doing it, because I attended “Yewon School (a priv. middle school for visual arts, music and dance)” and “The Seoul Arts High School”, which gave me a great opportunity to grow up with classical music and dance.
Studying Fine Arts at the “Academy of Fine Arts Muenster” Germany under Professor ‘Gunther Keusen’ and Professor ‘Daniele Buetti’, and living in Germany, Europe brought me to approach other art forms, too.

A part of my work reflects an interpretation or an artistic aspect of the bible.
The Words of the bible are presented by my performance or they are read in a new artistic aspect through my performance.

The formal aspect of most of my artworks involves approaching a small stage at an opera or a theatre. I consider my works, which are presented in form of installations, performances, films, etc. are working authentically. The visitors are involved in my works as actors or actresses in authentic ways.
For example: A Breathing during the sleeping-performance “Good night” is an authentic singing and the movement while sleeping an authentic dance, or the whole act of sleeping is a more authentic theatre-piece.

Any experiences or interpretations during my performance are dependent upon the viewer’s subjectivity and their point of reference.