Elvira Valenzuela (Chile, 1981)

Sculptor and engraver, Bachelor in Fine Arts of the Finis Terrae University, Santiago (2003), with graduate work in Debako Arte Escola, San Sebastian, Spain, and Fundación Pilar and Joan Mirò de Mallorca, Spain.

Among her more important solo exhibits are: Exspectata (2013) and Diálogos (2010), both at the Patricia Ready Gallery, and Abstractos de memoria at the Corporación Cultural de las Condes (2007).

She has participated in several group shows, including: Señales, prodigios y milagros at the Sala de Artes Las Condes (2012); 75 mujeres en la escultura chilena held at Parque de Esculturas (2011); Analogía de los Contrarios, CCU Gallery (2011); Marsu-arte Gallery in Quito (2011); Craven Arts Council and Gallery Inc, New Bern, North Carolina (2007); Diva Frere Independent, NY (2006); Casa de la Moneda de Madrid (2005). She received the 2005 Spanish National Prize for Engraving, organizad by the Calcografía Nacional and the Real Casa de la Moneda de Madrid. Her work was also chosen for publication in the Florence Shanghai Prize in 2013 and in International Contemporary Artists in 2012.

She has been an assistant to distinguished artists, and is presently working on new projects in her studio.