Captured by objects old and obsolete, tools abandoned, forged and made unique by time.
I come irresistibly attracted, listening to their stories.
They tell of careful hands and jealous that they have cherished and guarded, before being thrown away or forgotten.
They are silent witnesses of those who have owned and intrigues me mentally retrace history.A key aspect in the genesis of my work, is the total absence of welds, each object or component is assembled only with screws, bolts or threaded rods.This involves timing and more meticulous d 'assembly, but the drill, polish and tighten skin contact and allows me a more intimate dialogue with the work, to feel it more and more alive as it evolves.Use only objects and scraps reached the end of their life cycle, all that man produces disposable.People offering me their objects full of affection and memories. Some people took me to the valve radio grandmother jealously guarding.About the tank of the bike with which they are married parents. A mother took me to the computer of the beloved son who lost. I deliver them with the care and attention which is not appropriate to waste, because these are not.Thank you.I take them over.I remove them, I observe them, I investigate them the story and give back their dignity, the memory and affection given in the past.