My practice is the result of an introspective research as
well as an elaboration of emotional mourning:
the painting as a means of therapy, to bring forth and
internal vision into an external reality.

The spirals have always been inspiring artists and
intellectuals, but also scientists.
A symbol that represents ambivalent principles:
the abstraction of energy type and the mathematical
and rational notions.

In nature you can find them in a Nautilus shell or in a
microscopic structures, such as double-stranded DNA
and in those vast as the galaxy.

As in a process of dialectic, infinity of creation and
destruction, interact as opposite principles to achieve a
harmonious truth.
Intense as a dance of opposite forces, balanced and
endless as light and darkness, life and death, male and
female, good and evil, emotion and rationality.

In this perpetual becoming, the spiral in my painting
take various forms, from hearts, flower, eyes and to
tangle of contrasting colors and depict to search of a
cathartic healing and inner balance.