Gérard has been devoted for more than 15 years to his passion : abstract art
He threwed himseld in this artistic quest, Gerard Escougnou claims to be a self-taught to shake the shackles and stereotypes that vehicle academism.
His vigorous and instinctive gesture, is certainly feeds by the New York School of abstract expressionism but above all denotes a frantic search of freedom and intensity.
Reflected in his works loose, spontaneous movements. They exude a vitality, a brute force reminiscent of the painter's personality.
In his first series, “Expression”, was dominated by strong black curves which were working like windows for the coloured background.  The series showes a strong energy, vitality and a clear space division.
The "Minimal" series shows a more geometrical approach between the shapes and the colours but as always the white is there to give moments of quietness.
Gérard Escougnou was laureate of the COLAS foundation in 2011.