Artist Sarah I. Avni

The artist's work will enchant you with its vivid colours, hidden symbols and they will leave a vibe of positive energy in you. Sarah finds her inspiration rather in eastern philosophy and its approach than in western painting. Her work is recognizable at first glance also thanks to a special technique, which she invented. It is a specific structure creating impasto effect, but also old gilding techniques and mixed pigments which allow her to play more effectively with light and shadows.

In 2015, she was ranked by an international cultural portal theculturetrip among 10 Slovak artists you should know. She is also the author of the world's best sport-themed stamp from 2011 awarded by the StampNews International. In 2016, a few of her paintings were printed in the 100th edition of the British Vogue. Since 2016, she has been the main artist of a very successful folklore-artistic project: Party in 21st century. The works from this collection inspired by slovak crafts were created in collaboration with LSZ photography and were premiered at the Bratislava Castle (Slovakia) in April 2017. At the moment, she is preparing exhibitions for 2017 in New York, Ottawa, Vienna and Prague - where two of her permanent exhibitions are taking place.

List of selected Exhibitions:
2017 New York, Ottawa, Vienna
2017 Bratislava Castle Slovakia
2017 Chateau Mcely Czech Republic
2017 Brusel
2016 Fashion Club Prague
2016 Chateau Rothschild Austria
2015 Switzerland - Basel Art Center - Gift 4 You
2015 Switzerland - Basel Art Center - Osteropäische abstrakte Kunst
2015 Vienna - Esterhazy Palace, Gallery Merikon Art Room
2012 Bratislava - The Presidential Palace
2012 Bratislava – BMW
2011 Prague - Galerie Harfa
2011 Bratislava - SPP Galéria