The painter Giovanni Manzo is internationally acknowledged for his innovative style mixing harmoniously (blending?) three artistic techniques: photography, graphic art and painting.
His black and white oils on canvas pay homage to auteur photography. Graphic art gives the image a contemporary and modern flair, while the painting humanises it, conveying a romantic view that belongs to Neapolitan cultural history.
Naples is the city he prefers to paint, revisiting it from a modern viewpoint like no other artist has ever done before. His technique marks a breach with the traditional Neapolitan figuration: the most typical streets of the historical centre are reproduced from a modern perspective, projecting a completely new image of the city to the world. The painter's deep sense of belonging to this city makes it necessary to find a new way of describing it, with the aim of relaunching its culture at the international level. Through the historical documentation of scenes of real, daily life happening in Naples, the painter fully grasps its truth and the historical authenticity of its architecture. In every painting movement is expressed through natural characters and things.