The name I chose to use when I paint is "iesa". It’s not a pseudonym, nor is it a stage name. It has been my family nickname since I was a young girl.
I am Mariateresa Provenzano, Iam a teacher in some business schools. My passion is painting and the trip on foot.
I live in an area which inspires creativity: Rome’s Borgo district, flanked by St. Peter’s Square on one side and Castel Sant’Angelo on the other. From my small workshop, I can see the Passetto di Borgo and an internal courtyard with beautiful trees,
or me, it’s more about the time spent reflecting on a painting than the actual act of painting it. Then, suddenly, I realised that I needed to recreate an empty space in order to fill it up again, with a new image; I don’t strive for accuracy but the real effort lies in capturing even just a fragment of what I imagine.
I began working with paint brushes, colours and spatulas. I enjoyed experimenting with different materials: sand, plaster, rice, nets, recycled plastic. But the oil painting is always my benchmark.