Winners were voted by the finalist artists on 1 December during exhibition at the City of Rome's Centrale Montemartini, the culmination of an 11 month-long prize call which saw over 1,400 works submitted to a selection panel of curators headed up by Katia Garcia-Anton.

Painting & Graphics Prize


Antoinette Von Saurma - Sendai in the snow

Second equal:

Catarina Rosa - Seven Steps

Mira Sanders - Itineraria #1

Photography & Digital Graphics Prize


David Birkin - Pietà

Second equal:

Emil Bermudez - Scape

Oscar Hugal - As Orange As An Orange

Video & Animation Prize


Cristina Nunez - Someone to love


Marit Liesbeth - One way of going


Mario Pfeifer - A formal film in nine episodes. Prologue & Epilogue

Live Media, Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize


Jaime de la Jara - Curtains


Martin Romeo - Built in


Pii Anttila - Situations Wanted - Applying for a job in the underground economy

Curator's Choice Prize
Dina Danish - Type Sonata

Visitors Choice Prize

Giovanni Guadagnoli - Landscape, Ipotesi 35

Location: Centrale Montemartini, Via Ostiense 106, Rome, Italy

Exhibition dates: 1 - 9 December 2012

Exhibition opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 9am to 7pm.

Take a look at the 40 Celeste Prize finalists and their works chosen by the selection panel and the curator Katya Garcia-Anton.

€ 20,000 prizes:
Painting & Graphics Prize € 4,000
Photography & Digital Graphics Prize € 4,000
Video & Animation Prize € 4,000
Live Media, Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize € 4,000
Curator's Choice Prize € 3,500
Public's Choice Prize € 500

As organizers, we would like to thank curators and critics of the selection panel for giving up their time to view all works and publish their choices. And last but not least, a big thank you to all participating artists, whose enormous creative output of works, energies and thought, have created another unique resource of works for everyone to take note of!

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Finalists Painting & Graphics Prize

Katarina Blazova – Beckets and Godots
Jessie Brennan – The Cut
Valentina Cirami – senza titolo
Jessica Dreyfus – Machine of the Body
Sanders Mira – Itineraria #1
Catarina Rosa – Seven Steps
Hubard Severine – antistatic
Amruta Shah - Detergents/Cleaners
Antoinette Von Saurma – Sendai in the snow
Boedi Widjaja – Ian, Rem, Kal

Finalists Photography & Digital Graphics Prize

Emili Bermùdez – Scape
David Birkin – Pietà
Giovanni Guadagnoli – Landscape – Ipotesi 35
Oscar Hugal – As Orange As An Orange
Lorenzo Mini – “Paesaggio italiano”
Gabriele Rossi – Elf
SHILO – The Night
Erin Solomons – “For Cindi and Ralph (the act)”
Timotheus Tomicek – look and see
Jacqueline Tune – What mother ses 2, England Oct 2011

Finalists Video & Animation Prize

Daniel Cerrejòn – 5min Smile

Sophie Clements – There, After
Dina Danish – Type Sonata
Kara Hearn – One thing After Another
Marit Liesbeth – One Way of Going
Trish Morrissey – Ave Maria Karaoke
Cristina Nunez – Someone to Love
Sabrina Osborne – Look Both Ways
Swoon – Disintegration Nation

Finalists Live Media, Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize

Pii Anttila - Situations Wanted – Applying for a Job in the Underground Economy

ASYNTHOME – Asynthome (Transforma/Yro)
Viktor Jan – BEATOVEN
Martin Romeo – Built it
Jaime De la Jara – Curtains
Mikhail Karikis - SeaWomen
Bharti Parmar – SHAG
Saad Qureshi – Quicken
See-Saw Performance Group - Rodin Reflections (in 4 actions)

What’s new in 2012
° Katya Garcia-Anton, curator of the Spanish Pavilion at 54th Venice Biennial 2011, is curator of 4th Celeste Prize 2012
° New team of international art critics and curators in the Selection Panel
° 40 finalist artists will vote € 16,000 prizes
° Two new prizes: Curator's Choice and Visitors' Choice
° Two artist residencies and one course offered free to 3 finalists, by:
The Invisible Dog, New York, USA - Jaime de la Jara
Ondarte Residency, Cancun, Mexico - Mikhail Karikis
Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy - Amruta Shah

Video Art Events
° 15 September-26 December, 'Digital Performances', 15 video works by Celeste artists organised by FonladFestival
° 1-31 October on Visualcontainer.TV the 10 Video & Animation finalist works.

Katya Garcia-Anton

Selection Panel
Irina Chmyreva
Michael Connor
Micol Di Veroli
Maymanah Farhat
Lara Khaldi
Eva Gonzalez-Sancho
Jack Persekian
Lydia Pribisova
Nigel Prince
Maria Inés Rodriguez
Risa Shoup

Live Media Panel:
Fonlad Festival - José Vieira
Forward Motion Theater - Eric Dunlap
Otolab-Orgone - Bertram Niessen
Claudio Sinatti – IED
Alessandro Ludovico – Neural Magazine.

Entry fee: € 40 / 1 work

Each work submitted to Celeste Prize:
° is seen and properly considered by members of the Selection Panel
° is part of a clear and open selection process which is visibile in a special online section –
each selector will publish his or her choices for all to see.
° is immediately viewable throughout Celeste Network’s community of 40,000+ members
° benefits from top web indexing, which means it can be found instantly in the web

Celeste Prize 2012 is working in collaboration with
City of Rome's Musei Capitolini - Centrale Montemartini, Zetema, Glocal Project and ZeL Edizioni

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2012 in Rome – Katya Garcia-Anton, Spain
2011 in New York - Eugene Tan, Singapore; Sara Reisman, USA
2010 in New York - Julia Draganovic, Germany; Mark Gisbourne, UK
2009 in Berlin - Mark Gisbourne, UK ; Adrienne Goehler, Germany ; Victoria Lu, China

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