Isabella Walsh grew up in Castleconnell Co. Limerick and graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2013 with an Honours (1.1) degree in Fine Art Printmaking and Contemporary Practice where she recieved the Limerick Printmakers Graduate Bursary Award for her degree work and is now an active member. She has a studio with the recently established Artist Resource Center (ARC) and holds a position as the Assistant Director of Occupy Space, a not for profit arts organisation in Limerick city. She is also a member of Ormston House.

Isabella is interested in ideas of perception and interpretation, often questioning deeper aspects ofthe human condition. Time, memory, concepts of space and place are reccurring tropes in her work. Several of her more recent projects have begun as psychogeographical inquiries into her surrounding environment (both rural and urban) through the process of walking and photographing.
She enjoys experimentation with different materials and processes especially analogue photography, printmaking and bookbinding.