Jamie Lee (dancer, choreographer, film maker, photographer, producer) has a background of gymnastics training at the Australian Institute of Sport from a very young age. The intense physicality lead to dance where she completed her Bachelor of Dance at The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and Purchase College in New York. Also completing her Honours degree with Link Dance Company. During her dance career she has worked with choreographers such as Narrelle Benjamin, Lucy Guerin, Michael Whaites, Reyes De Lara, Paea Leach, Iris Bouche, and Hans Van de Broek to name a few. Jamie is co- creator of Memoryhouse Productions. In 2013 Jamie produced a series ' Dreams' of dance films and photography where she choreographed, directed, and produced the series. Jamie is a frequent teacher at Artesis Conservatoire in Antwerp Desingel teaching dance technique for the Bachelor of Dance students, Strut Dance Inc (AUS), Passerelle (BE), MUDA (BE), and events such as International Day of Dance in Belgium. She is currently working on a new solo performance and launched a photography and video production company Motionhouse where she is the creative producer and photographer. As well as her dance projects she is in the process of creating a full length documentary.