Miguel A. López (born 1983) is a Peruvian writer, curator, researcher and artist whose work investigates collaborative dynamics and transformations in the understanding of and engagement with Latin American politics in recent decades. In 2015 Miguel is jury member of Celeste Prize, 7th edition. He was curator in residence at Gasworks, London, in 2013. Miguel has been part of the artists run space and collective Espacio La Culpable in Lima, Peru (2006-2008) and has written about deviant practices, gender dissidence, and queer re-articulations of history from a Southern perspective. He is currently working on a forthcoming book and exhibition at the Lima Art Museum on the drag performances and representations by Peruvian-German artist Sergio Zevallos (Grupo Chaclacayo, 1983-1994) amidst the armed conflict between communist subversive groups and the Peruvian government during the 1980s. Recent exhibitions curated by López include 'Pulso Alterado', co-curated with Sol Henaro, MUAC-UNAM, Mexico D.F., 2013; 'Losing the Human Form. A seismic image of the 1980s in Latin America', co-curated within Red Conceptualismos del Sur, MNCARS, Madrid, 2012; and 'Die chronologie der Teresa Burga', co-curated wih Emilio Tarazona and Dorota Biczel, WKV Stuttgart, 2011; Subversive Practices. Art under Conditions of Political Repression. 60s–80s/South America/Europe, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, 2009 and Trafó Galéria, Budapest, 2010; and La Persistencia de lo Efímero. Orígenes del no-objetualismo peruano: ambientaciones/happenings/arte conceptual (1965–1975), Spanish Cultural Center, Lima, 2007; Urbe & Arte. Imaginarios de Lima en transformación (1980-2005); La persistencia de lo efímero. orígenes del no-objetualismo peruano: ambientaciones / happenings / arte conceptual (1965-1975); Arte Nuevo y el fulgor de la Vanguardia. Disidencia, experimentación visual y transformación cultural and Tener Lugar [experiencia, acontecimiento, posibilidad].He is the co-author of 'Post-illusions. New visions. Critical art in Lima (1980-2006)' (Lima, Fundación Wiese, 2007) and co-editor of the art journal Juanach. He is currently preparing a book on the avant-garde group Arte Nuevo (1966-1967). He studied Photography at the Center of Photography, Lima (2002–2005), and was scholarship holder of MACBA’s Independent Study Program (PEI), Barcelona (2008–2009). In 2010 López participated in BAK, basis voor actuele kunst’s Research-in-Residence (RIR) program, and researcher for the European project VIVID [RADICAL] MEMORY. Radical Conceptual Art Revisited: A social and political perspective from the East and the South and a member of the Latin American Conceptual Art Research Network. He is a regular contributor to Ramona and Artecontexto and has written for Afterall, Papel Alpha, and Papers d’Art, among others. López is co-author of Post-Ilusiones. Nuevas visiones. Arte crítico en Lima, 1980–2006 (2007). Since 2007 he has been a member of the editorial group of the art and politics magazine 'des-bordes', and the group Red Conceptualismos del Sur. Miguel lives and works between Lima, Vienna and London.