Born in Zahle-Bequaa Lebanon, Paris and Beirut based artist Mireille Kassar has developped a rich and varied body of work that includes paintings, drawings, sound, films, writings and installations.
Mireille Kassar has exhibited internationally since 1996. She is currently represented by Agial Art Gallery where she has recently exhibited her project "Mantek al Tayr / THECONFERENCEOFTHEBIRDS, in Lebanon, 2013.
Her work is owned by some of the most prestigious collections all around the world. Recently, the National center of art and culture Georges Pompidou in Paris, and the British Museum of London, aquired some of her work for their permanent collections.
Her art is treated as an expanded state of consciousness, often beyond or beneath language. It can be percieved as a re-adjustment of the sensorial experience, shifting from any discursive thought, hence "recognized" as an archtype of sorts, a primal recognition sensation.
It is from the exploration of her earlier theme "State of being", that her recent artistic move is developping in both film installation and paintings. As the comestone foundation and regeneration of her practice, her paintings orients, organizes and convokes other forms of art, all in dedication to this search.
Her artistic and spiritual pursuit leads her to close encounters with individuals, beings and lands, whose very georgraphical or cultural remoteness, are the pledge of a singular proximity. Distance, proximity, dispersion, time unfolding, cyclical, linear or otherwise, are often the parameters, and the constants that animate the heart of her life's work.

In 2015, her first short film, The Children of Uzai, Antinarcissus, has been acquired by the Center National of Art and Culture Georges Pompidou of Paris. It has been selected and showned by the Forum Expanded section of the Berlin International Film Festival.