Pictures of Nicola Rusev be found in art galleries in Pleven
Vratsa, Pazardzhik, Montana
Berkovitsa Isperih, Sopot, and many / more than 10 / private collections in Bulgaria.
His paintings are in private collections in USA, UK, Russia - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Serbia, Denmark, Germany, USA, Missouri College Ozarkski, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Belgium, Moldova - Chisinau, Ukraine - Kiev, Kharkov, Hungary - Budapest, Finland, Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden. Works in painting, fresco, visual communication and applied arts.
Work on theoretical questions of the composition and history of the composition.
Second prize for painting at an international competition organized by
the "philanthropist" Moscow / 2006 /
Personal exhibition in the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Berlin.
Personal exhibition in Vienna Wittgenstein House-Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Vienna.