picture from the age of distance 1
pearl in a girl's earringtravelling light 2travelling lighttravelling mirror 3

travelling light

processed digital photos
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lady with scarf 1
lady with scarf 5lady with sunglasses 1lady with scarf 2lady with scarf 6

lady with scarf

digital photos, made and processed with a smartphone
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dort nistet schon die nacht
picture this and that and the otheret, à propos, de la guerre, ou en est cette histoire?damit dich das tageslicht nicht entgehtanother changing window for douglas sirk

a selection of recent works by artist groups afzb and ateliers cohen & faynzilber.

a selection of recent videos by dutch/french/german artitst group 'arbeitsgemeinschaft für zeitgemässen blickfang' and dutch artist group 'ateliers cohen & faynzilber'.
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