Domenico + Stefania Nobile semplicità Quieta grandezzaL'Enigma futurista di Samarcanda (dittico)Io sono Venezia

DEDICATED... the face I have tonight. all those, willy-nilly, in a direct, explicit, narcissistic, and/or indirect, unconscious, because elected muse, and/or simply for pure hedonistic habit desperately...Read all
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Bloody Danae


Myths of the past mingle with more or less these myths of our time, the media reality that surrounds us and bombards us, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. Because the Greeks were right: the gods-celebrity...Read all
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Who can say with absolute certainty and firmness that really happened as we were fed and taught in the name of truth and indisputable essential? Different concepts and insights.
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Canestra di frutta
Madonna dei pellegrini (part.)Il Bacio La Madonna di Port Lligat Cavallo baio e cane bianco


A humble homage, far from any plausible or asserting presumption of modesty, some Masters who have marked my artistic career. Reminiscent of high school period, when it vied with friends and colleagues...Read all
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