Cinderella. Conclusion
Odette. SlaveryRose-Red. EnvyBluebeard. JealousySnow Maiden. Eternal Expectation

Not a Man’s World

Belkina is more serious when she presents the series Not a man’s world in 2007. This series also comprises twelve works, which are based on female figures from various Russian and Western European fairy t...Read all
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Home Work

Belkina demonstrates that she is also ready to playfully examine and qualify the social position of a woman as an artist, something she has been confronted with all her life, with a small series looking...Read all
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Hieroglyph This is my body. I accept it the way it is. My appearance is a key to my destiny. While changing our appearance, we change our essence. Our perception of the parts of our bodies is biased....Read all
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Early Breakfast

Triptych: Repast

Triptych: Repast It is allegory of the life cycles. Cyclicity perfectly characterizes humanity and our perception of time. The Morning (childhood) – acquisition and accumulation. At the beginning o...Read all
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For Van Gogh
For Kahlo. RedFor Kahlo. WhiteFor GauguinFor Petrov-Vodkin


Katerina Belkina first came to public attention in 2006 with her series Paint, in which while the viewer perceives the works on the one hand as recognizable, an intimate game is also simultaneously being...Read all
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Red Moscow
Weighing UpEndlessly DistantEnterFly!

Empty Spaces

That the human individual has become lost in the urbanized and anonymous outside world and has adapted itself in existential isolation to the barren landscape of materialism is shown in the series Empty...Read all
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Revolution Street
CircusCrossing the Red Army StreetKuybyshev SquareGRES. The Power Station

Light and Heavy

Katerina Belkina presents her series Light and Heavy, an exploration of female emancipation and independence at the crossroad of East and West. The series presents images of independent, self-sufficient...Read all
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The Sinner
VesnaSeries "Revival"Personal IdentityEntreaty


A series of allegories on the theme of neo-renaissance. On the one hand, humanity is now losing the power of faith in the Divine - the world has become absurdly material. On the other hand, spiritually...Read all
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