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The Shop was first published on 24th October 2016.
Latest update 18th January 2017.

These terms and conditions refer to all online and offline activities initiated by the use of Celeste Network’s Shop.
By accepting these terms you also agree to accept the general terms and conditions of use of Celeste Network.

1 – Buy

Artworks are purchased online
  • by clicking on the ‘Add to basket’ button in the Artwork’s Shop Page*
You can purchase
  • with a profile account
  • without a profile account
Purchase with a profile account
Buy with a profile account in Celeste Network. The account can be in your personal name, a company, a foundationn or an association. With an account, it’s easier to follow your favourite artists, make contact, discuss with artists the artworks you would like to purchase, participate in the community. Sign-Up here

Purchase without a profile account
That’s ok too. You will be asked to fill in your name, surname, email, telephone and delivery address just before you make the payment - this information will not be published onsite, and will be used by our team to follow delivery of the artwork you have chosen to purchase.

Once you have added artwork to the basket, inserted your delivery details, and are ready to complete your purchase, click on the ‘Choose a payment method’ button, you will then be asked to make and confirm your payment.

The final purchase price
Is the price a Buyer pays for artwork is the sum of two prices: the artwork price plus the shipping price. The latter includes where possibile, shipping, insurance, and customs duties/vat to the destination country.

  • Change of mind. Under the 10-day returns policy rule, Buyers can, for whatever personal reasons, claim a refund of the Artwork’s purchase price by writing to shop[at]celesteprize.com and asking for the order to be cancelled and arrange a return of the Artwork. Valid requests for a refund have to be made within 10 days after the date of consignment confirmed in Artwork’s shipping documents.
  • Damage. Evident damage to Artwork discovered by a Buyer on the day of arrival, should be immediately documented photographically and sent via email to the Seller and Celeste Network, the latter will provide an approved return shipping and refund of the Artwork if the Buyer’s request is made within 24 hours of the confirmed date of arrival in Artwork’s shipping documents. A refund will be made to the Buyer once Artwork has been received by the Seller.
  • Loss. After 30 days from the confirmed date in which shipping was initiated, Buyers can claim a full refund from Celeste Network
  • Shipping. In all the above cases Celeste Network will help organise an approved, return shipping and make a refund of the Artwork's purchase price once the Artwork has been returned to the Seller.
*Artwork's Shop Page is the page which shows all the details of an artwork which has been put on sale, and includes the button 'Add to basket' used to make a purchase.

2 – Sell

2.1 You can sell as an
  • Artist – artists, photographers and creatives, who make and produce their own artwork
  • Gallery – galleries, companies, foundations, associations, institutions, wishing to sell artwork by artists they represent
  • Private seller – anyone who owns a work of art and wishes to sell it
Anyone can freely put 1 artwork for sale in the Shop. Premium members in Celeste Network can put on sale up to 30 artworks. All artwork must be presented in a professional manner and priced with reason (see Art. 2.2). Artwork remains at all times subject to Celeste staff's periodic check and control.

Artists who do not possess a VAT number can still sell in the Shop. They will have to compile a full receipt of the artwork's sale price which will accompany the delivery. We suggest you speak with your accountant for complete details.

2.2 How to put Artwork for sale
Upload artwork in your profile’s account. Follow the upload steps by clicking on the ‘Shop’ area in your admin homepage. In this area you will be able to enter your work for sale, as well as follow all the administration steps of each sale which includes use of the following functions: Orders, Payments, Shipments, Cancellations and Returns, as you interface with Buyers.

Accuracy of description. Sellers are responsible for the accuracy of the content, description and professional presentation (image and texts) of the artwork they propose for sale. Any incorrect or misleading information provided may result in Celeste Network debiting you for any return requests made by Buyers from the Sale Income.*

Price of Artwork. To ensure sale of your artwork, it’s crucial that you apply an accurate and fair reflection of your artwork’s market price. Celeste has the right, at any moment, to remove artwork and/or the Seller’s profile, if it believes artwork is being poorly described, mispriced, is excessively priced or if there is an unfair use of the Shop which might be detrimental to the interests of Buyers and the good conduct of the Shop.

An Artwork’s final price is the sum of
  • The price of the artwork
  • Shipping costs, and where necessary insurance and customs duties/vat to the destination country
The two price values are added, and become the full, purchase price the Buyer pays for the artwork.
If the Buyer receives delivery with DHL, because the Seller has chosen this shipping option, the shipping cost quote does not include any customs and excise duties or vat which might be payable, if necessary these will be covered by the Buyer when the Artwork arrives in the country of delivery or at delivery destination.

Orders. When a sale has been made and payment is confirmed, Sellers receive an official notification in their accounts in Celeste Network and an email. These contain full information on the Artwork sold, name and surname of the Buyer, contact details and the exact address for delivery. Shipment has to commence no later than 30 days of receipt of the order’s confirmation, and be delivered within 14 days of the date of dispatch.

Receipt of Sale Income. Sellers will receive sale proceeds no later than 10 days after the end of the 10-day return policy period. The 10-day return policy period begins on the day when the Artwork has been confirmed as delivered to the Buyer. When Sellers upload sale details in their Shop's account, they indicate how they prefer to receive payment (IBAN bank transfer or PayPal). If a dispute or a delay has occurred during delivery, Sale Income will be withheld until resolution and a clear understanding of what caused the dispute or delay has taken place; distribution of Sale Income will be decided on by Celeste according to these terms & conditions.

*Sale Income is the total money a Seller receives in Euro € from Celeste Network, which includes the Artwork’s sale price minus Celeste Network’s commission (see Art.4 – Commissions), plus when a Seller chooses to sell with the option ‘Seller arranges Shipment’ the Sale Income includes the amount stated in the Seller’s shipping costs for the artwork, assuming there are no unexpected events during or after shipping for which these terms and conditions may apply to change this amount of income. Sale Income is paid to a Seller once all the phases and rules pertaining to the transaction have been fully complied with as described in these terms & conditions.

3 - Payments

Your secure payment for artwork can be made in two ways

  • Online
Click on ‘Add to basket’ in the Artwork’s Shop Page. Pay in PayPal, by using either major credit cards or pre-paid credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or use your PayPal account to make the purchase payment.

Celeste Network does not store Buyer’s credit card information, all credit card transactions in the Shop are made via PayPal.

  • Bank transfer
Account name: Celeste Network
Bank name: Banco Posta
Branch: Poggibonsi (Siena), Italy.
IBAN: IT74 W076 0114 2000 0000 5409 079
Send your payment in € Euro currency only, net, without transfer fees or commissions payable by Celeste on receipt. State the following details: your full name and surname, email contact, artist’s name and title of the artwork you are purchasing.

Payment & Currency
Artworks are priced and purchased in Euro €. During transactions, any currency conversion fees into Euro € which might be applied by your bank, credit card issuer or PayPal, are neither controlled by nor are a liability of Celeste Network.

There is no contractual relationship between Celeste Network and the Buyer or the Seller. Celeste Network’s role is an agent's, to accept payment from the Buyer for the value of artwork purchased and its related shipping costs which are indicated by the Seller/or by DHL, and then to remit the sums which are payable to the Seller once all these terms & conditions have been complied.

All payments for Artwork and shipping are made via Celeste Network’s integrated, online payments system. Offline or cash payments between interested persons are forbidden for Artwork introduced to or found for the first time in Celeste Network, these transactions violate the terms & conditions of the Shop and will result in cancellation of personal accounts and exclusion from the network. If Celeste Network reasonably believes that a Buyer and a Seller have initiated and/or concluded transactions outside Celeste’s payment system, for Artwork introduced to the two parties, or between friends of the parties for the same work in Celeste Network, outstanding monies in deposit in either of the parties’ economic accounts will be withheld by Celeste Network.

4 - Commissions

pay no commissions to Celeste Network.

A commission in % is calculated only on the price of artwork sold and is retained by Celeste to guarantee these terms & conditions. Seller’s costs related to packing, shipping, etc. will not have Celeste’s commissions applied to them (see Art.2 – Sellers and Art.6 – Shipping, for full details).

Commissions on the sale price of Artwork
< 2,500 € 22%
2,500-25,000 € 17%
> 25,000 € 12%
+ a 3% commission is added to pay online credit card, PayPal and bank charges

Celeste’s commission covers these operating costs
VAT payments on commissions
Commissions to PayPal, banks
Administration of logistics
Administration of contractors
Programming the online Shop
Advertising and marketing

5 – Invoicing

The Seller to the Buyer
Once the 10-day returns period has expired and the sale is confirmed by the Buyer, the Seller will send to the Buyer an invoice or receipt, depending on his or her fiscal status, for the full, sale amount (Artwork price + shipping costs, etc).

Celeste Network to the Seller
On completion of the sale, the Seller receives from Celeste Network a sales invoice for the commission sum received which is calculated on the Artwork price only.

The Seller and Celeste Network are responsible, where necessary, for their respective VAT payments on the sums received.

6 – Shipping

Cost of shipping and associated delivery costs are payable by the Buyer.

The Seller can choose to ship in two ways:
1. Shipment with DHL – the Buyer accepts to pay DHL’s quotation service provided onsite.
2. Seller arranges Shipment – the Seller adds the total costs for shipping, packaging and taxes in the shipping costs he or she deems necessary to complete delivery, with a specific price in each of the four continents (Europe, America, Asia and Africa).

1. Shipment with DHL. Buyers are notified of shipping costs within 24 hours, once they have added an artwork in their online purchase basket and have inserted address delivery details. Celeste staff will send Buyers a weblink to their basket with the full shipping quote and purchase price asking them to complete the purchase. The DHL quote includes insurance for the full purchase value of the artwork, but does not include any excise duties or VAT, which might be payable on entry in the country of destination for which the Buyer will be liable.

2. Seller arranges Shipment. Shipping costs stated by Sellers must be a realistic assessment of all costs involved: transport, insurance, duties if necessary, needed to conclude the dispatch. With this option, Sellers can choose to indicate zero or low shipping costs, if they feel this could favour the sale. Celeste Network, can if necessary, ask Sellers to provide receipts of all shipping costs involved in the dispatch as a pre-condition to settling the Sale Income. The Seller is responsible for paying shippers, transport and insurance costs, and customs duties if these prove necessary to complete dispatch. Seller receives reimbursement of total Sale Income from Celeste Network once the sale is confirmed by the Buyer.

Celeste Network is not responsible for any misquotes in shipping or associated costs which the Seller has or has not made or foreseen, which he or she will be covering to guarantee delivery within 30 days of the order’s confirmation. Any of the above which remain unfulfilled, which may result in additional costs sustained by Celeste Network could result in the debiting of a part of Seller’s Sale Income.

Sellers are responsible for shipping and delivery
  • Choosing the courier or shipping company they wish to use for delivery
  • Making the package according to the description in the Artwork’s Shop Page
  • Ensuring artwork’s timely departure, not later than 30 days after receipt of confirmation
  • Guaranteeing artwork’s complete and unbroken delivery to the Buyer
  • Including any documentation, invoices, expertise where required for shipment
  • Paying for the shipping in the first place, and then receiving from Celeste Network full reimbursement of costs on acceptance of Artwork by the Buyer
6.1 Delivery
Sellers will be notified via email by Celeste Network as soon as their Artwork has been purchased. Details of the Buyer and destination address will be provided. The Seller must initiate shipping as soon as possible and not more than 30 days after receipt of confirmation of sale. If there are any problems related to the shipment, the Seller must inform the Buyer and Celeste Network immediately, with details of the issues and any new information about shipping and estimated day of arrival.

Packaging and services may vary according to what the Seller declares in the Artwork Shop Page. We encourage Sellers to publish in the Artwork’s Shop Page accurate details of packaging, shipping and associated costs such as taxes and duties where necessary, for the benefit of prospective Buyers and the conclusion of the sale. To discuss shipping, after purchase, contact can be made between Buyers and Sellers via the internal messaging service on members’ profile pages in Celeste Network.

Communicate shipping arrangements
Once a Seller has made shipping arrangements he or she should immediately communicate them to the Buyer and to Celeste Network, by using the email addresses provided in the sale confirmation email. Emails sent via Celeste's system must contain details in attachment of the Artwork’s full travel documents and tracking numbers, as well as written information of dispatch date and estimated date of arrival. Sellers must use shipping companies which enable them and Buyers to track shipments. If there is an ascertained, non-delivery or circumstances by which delivery is being withheld by known or unknown agents or the Seller for any reason, beyond a reasonable time frame of 30 days, Celeste Network has the right to make a full refund to the Buyer.

Celeste Network is not responsible for any of the content or artwork contained in the packaging which is shipped between Sellers and Buyers, as these terms and conditions do not represent an agreement and not a contract with Celeste Network, either in relation with the Buyer or with the Seller, but Celeste will enforce adherence to these terms & conditions to which Buyers and Sellers have agreed, in it's role as agent.

6.2 Customs Duty and VAT
When artwork is shipped from one country to another it may be liable in the destination country for taxes, known as customs duties and/or VAT. Normally, couriers withhold an item until the Buyer pays the duties if these are due. Use www.dutycalculator.com to check your country by country situations.

The Buyer pays duties and taxes on arrival in the destination country or at the moment of delivery.

Once a sale is confirmed, we recommend Sellers pay particular attention to the correct and complete compilation of shipping documents and being aware of all customs commitments that organizing shipping of artwork entails, which can be discussed prior with the courier or transport company, and where necessary with the Buyer.

Celeste Network cannot guarantee or compensate additional costs related to shipping, insurance or customs, incurred by either Buyers or Sellers during the course, before or after a delivery. After the sale order, it’s important that Buyers and Sellers communicate with each other, during the organisation of shipping and completion of the order.

7 – Cancellations, returns, replacements, damage

7.1 Cancel an order
Buyers can cancel orders any time up to 10 days after the day of receipt of Artwork.

Buyers should check the shipment confirmation document in the email they receive from the Seller for information about the delivery date. If Buyers have made a purchase using their account in Celeste Network, they should login to their profile's account and and write immediately to the Seller to cancel the order.

If Artwork has not been sent-out yet, and Sellers confirm they have received a Buyer’s cancellation and still have Artwork in their possession, Celeste Network will immediately refund the Buyer with the full purchase price amount.

If Artwork is in transit, Buyers have to wait until receipt of the Artwork, and then ask for a cancellation and refund under the 10-day return policy. Celeste Network will refund the full purchase amount, as soon as the artist has confirmed receipt of the Artwork.

7.2 Return, damage or replacement
For any number of personal reasons or for reasons of damage, a Buyer who has purchased an Artwork can decide to return it, receive a refund or ask for a replacement from the Seller.

1. If a return for personal reasons is requested by a Buyer, he or she is entitled to a full refund of the Artwork's purchase price and will have to pay for return shipping costs.
The following conditions have to apply:
(a) Less than 10 days have passed since the Buyer received the Artwork.
(b) The Artwork in question, the original packaging for the Artwork, and any additional packaging which might be needed for complete and safe return, are used to make the return shipment.
(c) The Buyer must send an email to the Seller and Celeste Network requesting a refund under the 10-day returns policy.
(d) The Buyer will organize pick up and return delivery of the Artwork from his or her address. Once the Artwork is received by the Seller, Celeste Network will reimburse the Buyer of the full Artwork purchase price. If, for whatever reasons, the Buyer does not demonstrate that he has initiated dispatch of the Artwork to the Seller, via a known international courier company, within 10 days of having asked a refund, the latter may not be issued.

2. If a return for damage reasons during shipping is requested by a Buyer, he or she is entitled to a full Artwork purchase price refund, and return shipping costs are due by the Seller.
The following conditions have to apply:
(a) Less than 24 hours have passed since the Buyer received the Artwork.
(b) The Buyer must send an email to the Seller and Celeste Network requesting a refund under the 10-day returns policy and declare the damage immediately on arrival in writing with photographs in attachment which document and clearly indicate the damage.
(c) The Seller will organize pick-up and the return shipment from the Buyer’s address. Once the artwork is received by the Seller, Celeste Network will reimburse the Buyer of the full Artwork purchase price within 7 working days. Buyers can request a replacement in the case of damage of Prints or Photographs (if the Seller confirms that replacements are still available), in these cases the Seller will ship the new Artwork, at his or her cost, once receipt of the returned or damaged work is confirmed. We encourage Buyers and Sellers to at all times take photographs of Artwork in the packing and unpacking phases.
(d) The Artwork in question, the original packaging for the Artwork, and any additional packaging which might be needed for complete and safe return, are used to make the return shipment.

7.3 Standards for Packing
Sellers must ensure that they pack their Artwork to the highest possible standards in order to minimise the risks of damage to their Artwork. In no way is Celeste Network liable for the well-being and integrity of Artwork shipped by Sellers and by Buyers (in the case of returns). In order to reduce risks and add protection, we suggest you add insurance cover to your shipment, and use well-know couriers or shipping companies to carry out transport. In the event of an approved, damage refund request by a Buyer, the resulting return shipping costs will be at the Seller’s expense.

8 - Guarantees, Safe Payment, No-Risks Policy

There are a number of good reasons why both Buyers and Sellers should use the Celeste Network’s Shop for online transactions of Artwork. They concern Buyers’ security during the purchase phase which also guarantee that actual Artwork which has been paid for arrives in accordance to these terms & conditions, and that Sellers actually receive money for Artwork which has been shipped.

Internal messages – communications between members

We can monitor exchanges between members in Celeste Network, and reserve the right to immediately suspend accounts used by members in violation of these terms & conditions.

Members can discuss
  • Artworks, events, ask about art inspiration
  • Past and future exhibitions, CVs
  • Activities in the community
  • Issues related to shipping, customs and taxes
Members cannot discuss, organise or make
  • A sale or a payment for an Artwork outside Celeste Network. Such an economic transaction violates these terms & conditions, is not secure for Buyers or Sellers, and does not fall under Celeste’s guaranteed 10-day no-risk returns policy.
  • Exchange email addresses, phone numbers or other personal contact information before a transaction has been made. Using the network’s internal messaging system, affords users security as their email address is never revealed to the other person withwhom they are dialoguing, this is to protect members from possible scammers and spammers or from those who might be engaged in identity theft.
Use Celeste’s Shop to ensure
  • Safe and secure payment
  • Safe and secure communication
  • Return and refund policy guarantees
  • Protection of your personal information
  • That fraud does not occur
  • Our constant assistance, as we have records of your coms and transactions

9 – General

For all issues, rights and agreements that relate to online activity by signed-up members and anyone else using the ‘Shop’, which includes, the content of Artwork, responsibilities, eligibility, rights, privacy, disclaimers, conduct, the agreement between you and Celeste Network to use the Shop, etc, are included in the general 'Terms & Conditions' of the Celeste Network community https://www.celesteprize.com/termsandconditions/ which you agree to comply to and abide by when you use the Shop, as well as agreeing to the Shop's own terms & conditions. These terms and conditions are the only ones valid for transactions made in the Shop or initiated in the Shop; no other rules or agreements, written ad hoc before or after, in public or in private between Buyers and Sellers or their acolytes for a given Artwork present in Celeste’s Shop are valid. Celeste Network can revise these terms & conditions as it deems necessary with immediate effect on all transactions, by adding to the revisions a new date of publication of the terms and conditions. We therefore ask all members and visitors to keep updated by referring regularly to this page in order to be aware of any changes made to these terms & conditions.

Celeste Network,
via Sangallo 23,
53036 Poggibonsi (Siena),
Tel +39 0577 1521988

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