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'Made in Italy' has been chosen for the 2nd edition of the purchase prize organised by Celeste for ArtVerona fair.

Silvia Giambrone's work 'Made in Italy' has won the second edition of 'Collectors for Celeste', an annual prize which supports the research work of emerging artists and galleries at the fair ArtVerona. The 2,000 was awarded by Celeste Network for the following reasons:

"We wanted to reward the work 'Made in Italy' by Silvia Giambrone, represented by Doppelgaenger Gallery of Bari, for the intense but silent way in which the artist confronts an age-old theme: society's control over women. The calm but determined demeanour of her work, almost eternal, in which the tablets express an ancient sense, 'fossilized' pain and endurance, speak to us in a very contemporary way. No longer do we hear screaming or violent feminist action, instead a meditated, determined, articulated and informed work. We beleive the work captures the sense of our time in the highest possible manner - looking for change in womens' status with intelligence."

Last year, two works by Nebojša Despotović, represented by Boccanera Gallery of Trento: Untitled and Untitled, mixed media on paper, 30 × 42, 2012, received the prize for the first edition of Collectors for Celeste.