We would like to thank jurors Irene Alison, Krzysztof Candrowicz, Louise Clements, Erik Kessels, Nicoletta Leonardi, Anna-Alix Koffi and Lucia Minnuno, for their timely and vivacious selections which highlight many aspects of this year's theme. And not least every artist and photographer who chose to submit and share his or her visions, thank you!

Tactile and visual, skin is a thin and sensitive layer of protection which is the physical and cultural diaphragm between the inside of the body and the outside world.

SKIN, 5th edition of Visible White Photo Prize 2016, an open call for photographic works, 5,000 € prizes.


"Skin is an intersubjective membrane which is both tactile and visual, a thin and sensitive layer of protection which is the physical and cultural diaphragm between the inside of the body and the outside world.

“To have a thick skin” is a common expression that denotes an exceptional ability to protect oneself, one's body’s inner world, from the pressures of the outside world. Skin is the surface through which the psycho-physical perception of the other passes through. It's the place of physical contact, transmission of desire, but also of infection, and it's where the gaze of others rests. Skin reveals gender, race, trauma, aging, illness, irritation, excitement and emotion. Photography's exploration of the epidermis is a way to focus on, query and interpret this place of signs and of social, religious, and psychological rituals.

The theme can be approached from different perspectives. Look at skin to reflect on issues of identity, gender, class, ethnicity, race, ecology, politics, and technology, by addressing desire, trauma, ego, aging, torture, submission, multi-sensoriality, self-injury, tattoos, the different contours of sexuality, nanotechnology, implants, disease, contamination and contagion. All these issues in the context of varied geopolitical tensions, economy, sustainability and digital culture (from connectivity to gaming and mobile media)" - Nicoletta Leonardi and Lucia Minunno.


Visible White is a photography prize founded in 2012 by Celeste Network and Fondazione Studio Marangoni to support international photographers and artists who engage, creatively, with what is moving personal, social and political issues today.

Jurors are looking for photographs which:
  • Deliver new angles of vision and understanding to the chosen theme
  • Reflect contemporary ways in which images of people, ideas and places are created
  • Show discipline and personal style
  • Contain strong reference systems
  • Use conceptual or descriptive interpretations to shed new light on the chosen theme
  • Push the boundaries of the media

Past editions

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2014 - 3rd edition 'You See Me'
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2012 - 1st edition, 'beyondmemory'