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INVITE open to all!

Opening and awards ceremony at 6pm, Friday 21 April, when chief-juror Irene Alison will announce the two, 8,000 € winning projects.

The exhibition is open from 21 April to 7 May, Officine Fotografiche, via Libetta 1, Rome. Monday to Friday, 10am-1.30pm/2.30pm-7pm. Closed on 24, 25 April and 1 May.

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Open call's theme, the creative process
Your interests, opinions, visions or investigations are shared in new viewer heights, you provide a visual platform as the project-work evolves. You can add artwork or photographs as your project develops, reveal the steps behind your creative process, studies, notes, sketches, or those telling public or private moments of revelation or experience. You should contextualize your artwork, thinking of your studio, the geographical locations, communities or persons, as well as the institutions or organisations which may become an integral part of your work. Think of the tears and the joys a project brings you and your friends, as it matures, and share it as part of your work. Telling a story in images of your artwork is a way in which to share and explain its importance.

You choose the theme or subject of your project.

Jurors expect to see creative contemporary artwork and narratives, as well as an ability to reveal the creative processes by which you and your work tackle issues, whether they be personal, social, political or economic. Any approach or practice is welcome, projects can range from being documentary to fine, contemporary art, nor is medium a limitation, projects can contain different media within the same submission - photography, video, painting, drawing, print, etc.

Consider your work in a permanent state of flux, in continuous evolution.

A principal image of your project is followed by a 'Core' presentation of 9 images or videos which represent what's best or most significant in your project. During the course of the open call you can keep on adding and removing works up to a total of 60 images and videos, right-up to the deadline date. Consider a moving time frame which does not necessarily have a beginning or an end. You provide, and viewers witness and participate online, in the process of gradual coming together of artistic content, of thought, of experience, a scrapbook and a story all at the same time. The delicate balance between what is tangible and impermanent, what is perceived and what is imagined, between a finished corpus of artwork and the experimentation which preceded it, are the stages, iconographic or process-orientated, which jurors in Streamers would like to see!