You See Me.
Personal Identities in the Digital Age

3rd Edition of the Visible White Photo & Video Prize 2014

Added to these terms & conditions on 27 Febraury:
New deadline to join is Monday 10 March, 8pm Italian time.

Terms & Conditions
Published on 10 October 2013. Deadline for entries is 10 March 2014.

Art. 1 - Works and Projects
All works and projects submitted must relate to the theme proposed by the curators Paul di Felice and Marinella Paderni. Photographers and videoartists can submit a single work or a project which can contain up to 10 photographs and/or videos, and must be accompanied by a statement. To submit a work or a project artists must have an account in Celeste Network, then upload submissions by clicking on the graphics box 'You See Me – Visible White' at the centre of the personal admin homepage. Once confirmed by artists, works and projects will be published immediately onsite in a special area called ‘Works submitted to date’ in the webpage of 'You See Me – Visible White'

Art. 2 - Participation
You See Me is an international call for works in photography or video. Photographers and videoartists, regardless of age, sex, occupation or geographic location can participate, as single individuals or in a group.

Art. 3 - Prizes
Total of 3,000 € Prizes*
- 2,000 € for the Best Project
- 1,000 € for the Best Single Work
In addition, a free workshop or course will be offered to a participating photographer or video artist at Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence, Italy.

Art. 4 - Deadline
10 March 2014, 8pm Italian time. To participate it is necessary to pay the entry fee by the deadline hour. Works can then be uploaded within the following 7 days.

Art. 5 - Shortlist selection
By 30 March 2014 selected works and projects will be announced online:
- 10 selected projects (5 photography & 5 video) for the Best Project Prize.
- 10 selected single works for the Best Single Work Prize.

Selections will be conducted directly online by You See Me’s international panel of Selectors which includes:
Jim Casper, Lens Culture, Paris, France
Clare Grafik, Head of exhibitions at the Photographers Gallery, London, UK
Hripsime Visser, Curator of Photography at the Stedelijk Museum, The Netherlands
Bas Vroege, Director of Paradox, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Art. 6 - Winners & Exhibition
The winning work and project will be chosen by the curators Paul di Felice and Marinella Paderni, and announced on 16 May during the opening of the exhibition. The final exhibition will be held at the FSM Gallery in Florence, Italy, from 16 May to 16 June 2014. The exhibition of the 20 finalist works and projects will take into account the space available at the exhibition and the spatial characteristics of each work and project.

Art. 7 - Entry fees
- Single work 20 €, for further single works 15 € /each.
- Project 45 €  (includes up to 10 single works in photo/video), for further projects 35 € / each.
By mail, in which all materials including text and images are uploaded by the Celeste Team:
- Single work 50 €
- Project 80 €

To enter:
Login to your account in Celeste Network (if you don’t have an account in Celeste, sign-up here ; once your account is verified open the box 'You See Me' at the centre of your admin page, pay entry fee by credit card on Paypal, then insert texts and images of works / projects. Payments by bank transfer (takes two business days for payment confirmation and activation): Celeste Network - Banco Posta - IBAN: IT74 W076 0114 2000 0000 5409 079 - BIC / Swift: BPPIITRRXXX
Send your receipt by email to
Entry fees are not refundable.

Art. 8 - Production & transport of works
Images can be uploaded online in JPG or PNG; we advise at least 2,500 pixels on the longest side, sufficient for eventual reproduction in ‘You See Me’ catalogue, if selected. It is possible to approve or not, visualisation onsite of the image in high resolution. Artists selected and invited to exhibit in the FSM Gallery in Florence, Italy, will be responsible for the costs of production of their work, transport and insurance to and from Florence, as well as any travel and accommodation expenses.

Art. 9 - Catalogue
An online catalogue will be produced in pdf which includes presentation of selected works, texts by artists and the curators Paul di Felice and Marinella Paderni.

Art. 10 - Rights
Artists retain copyright of all works and texts they upload, but they accept to authorize Celeste Network's use of the materials they upload for communication and promotion purposes only: to create the catalogue or other promotional material, and in Celeste's websites. Artists who submit works to ‘You See Me’ declare and accept that they are the authors of the images they upload and possess all rights to use these images, including musical scores if used. Artists guarantee that they have received permission and authorization, as required by law, from persons represented in their photographic or video works, or from their legal representatives. The organizer is not and cannot be held responsible for any dispute among artists and persons or third parties who might claim author’s rights over images of a work.

* Celeste Network has by Italian law to hand over to the Italian state 25% of prize money for tax purposes. This sum will be withheld by the organizer from each prize winner. A prize winner who is non-resident in Italy can request the Italian tax authorities to have his or her tax advance recredited in his/her country of residence, this is a suggestion and in no way represents a certainty guaranteed by Celeste Network.