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'The Celeste Choice', curated by Guido Cabib, is the first of a series of group shows, part of this year's exhibition benefits for artists who submitted a work in Celeste Prize or Premio Celeste.

"Today, if you want my opinion, everything is open,
the games are up, and we collectively find ourselves
faced with the crucial question:
what to do after the orgy?" - Jean Baudrillard

The Format – Contemporary Culture Gallery is pleased to announce: 'The Celeste Choice', a group show with Dario Carratta, Andrea Fiorino, Laloba, Emmy Mikelson, Zoi Pappa, Luana Perilli, SR Studiolab, Sulltane Tusha, Rashid Uri, curated by Guido Cabib.

Opening 16 December 2014 at 6pm.

Starting from Baudrillard's question (1988), "what to do after the orgy?", we have selected a series of works (paintings, photos and installations) and artists that participated in the Celeste Prize and Premio Celeste to exhibit in our spaces in Milan.

As always, the great visionaries forget that their visions of the present are in reality visions of the future. On one side, we collectively accept it when it is already evident and in action and on the other side, since the beginning of the internet age in 1988, it is accepted as soon as it dawns. The orgy has not ended. The orgy is still current and it is worldwide.

The information society that emerged from the industrial society, is starting to remove the society from which it was born. A small number of people are busy inside the productive industry and a greater number are always busy in the tertiary sectors. As the history of civilization teaches us, every technological innovation that evolves a system of communication among people (to start from the wheel) produces a crisis as it happens, a general acceleration, in which all perceptions of reality and with them the life of human beings, is destabilized.

All the selected artists are united by their research that predominantly addresses questions that spring from the personal perception of life. This marvelous thread unites them all, because the art is poetry, vision and soul. These doubts and fears are disclosed to our eyes through the artists' works - this is the goal of art.

The paintings of Emmy Mikelson (USA), Zoi pappa (Greece), Sullltane Tusha (Italy), Andrea Fiorino (Italy), Dario Carratta (Italy); the installations of Luana Perilli and the duo LALOBA (Anna Crescenzi and Renata Petti) (Italy) and finally the photographic image of the duo SR Studiolab (Fabrizio Strada and Mirko Rinaldi), help us to be aware of the difficulties that humanity is crossing, without fearing the jump into the future, because the strength of the human being resides in the intellect and in the certainty of our history.

The Format Gallery

Period: 16 December to 16 January 2015
Opening: 16 December 2014 at 6pm
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