Results of the 3rd Online Vote Celeste Prize 2011:
After 9 months of online voting for works which were participating in the 3rd edition of Celeste Prize 2011, here are the winners: 


CN, Mother and Child

Photography & Digital Graphics
Nicola Vernizzi, The Smoker


Video & Animation
Adam Santelli, S73

Installation & Sculpture
Sergio Garcia, It’s not always easy to say what is real and what is fabricated

Live Media & Performance
Kyrahm, Human Installation VIII:Techno Amniotic – Fetus’ Storm


Artists participating in the prize and arts professionals signed up in Celeste Network could vote. There is no financial prize for winners, but free, promotional tools within Celeste Network in 2012.


See final league table 2011


Rules for the 3rd Celeste Online Vote 2011
  • Voting from 15 February to midnight 15 November 2011.

  •  Every 'Prize' and 'Plus' member can prefer 5 works (it is possible to cancel votes and vote again). Visitors and Artist Guests cannot vote preferences.
  • All artwork entered in Celeste Prize 2011 can be voted by clicking on the orange button 'Vote me' below artwork.

  • The league table of votes is updated in real time.

  • Artworks which receive the highest number of votes in each of the 5 prize sections during the voting period will be the online vote winners.

  • The 5 winners will receive exposure in a special online section, comunications by Celeste, and freely promote their work or events with 3 'Transmitters' (each lasting 7 days) in 2012.

  • Any abuses in the ways in which votes are solicited, such as constant messaging, could determine exclusion from the league table during the course of the voting period. The Organiser will determine whether any member is abusing another by the way in which he or she is soliciting votes, and may act at any time by excluding the abuser completely from the 2011 Online Vote.

  • Celeste Network can at all times decide on the validity of votes.

League Table 2011

Results - 2nd Online Vote 2010

The following works have received most online votes from Prize and Plus members, and are invited to Celeste Prize final exhibition in New York in December. Online vote winning works will not be part of voting for 2010  prizes.
Works submitted to Celeste Prize 2010 received a total of 74,380 votes.

1.  Butterfly's Birth by Profusingart-Probioart, Hungary
2.  Listening to Chopin by Gilberto Giardini, Germany
3.  Castalia by Dionisis Christofilogiannis, Greece
4.  Tropical by Gaudys Laxury, USA  
5.  Ascesa by Gloria Di Modica

1.  Vibrazioe FR 8 by Carlo D'Orta, Italy
2.  Bella Nude by Demian Wolfe, USA
3.  rose 2010 by Helga Kalversberg , Germany
4.  pavement meditation by Jaya suberg, Germany
5.  transitions by Rhea Silvia Will, Germany 

1.  Lights by Alexey TEREHOFF , Canada
3.  Aquarius by Pernette Scholte, The Netherlands
4.  Il Pagliaccio (Clown) by Alexey TEREHOFF, Canada
5.  The Light of Life by Daihei Shibata, Japan

1.  La Madre di tutte le Guerre by Davide Tedeschini, Italy
2.  dove ha sede il tuo dolore. anima vibrante by Gloria Di Modica, Italy
3.  flaming 2 by Patrizia Polese, Italy
4.  Urchin Swimsuit by Chelsea Briggs, USA
5.  senza titolo by Alessandro Del Pero, Italy

1. Trittico: Human Installation II III I by KYRAHM , Italy
2. performing in THE MIRROR by Francesca Fini, Italy
3. CRY ME by Francesca Fini, Italy
4. NOTETOADISTANTGOD by Helena Hamilton, UK
5. Atlantida by Olga Mink, The Netherlands

League table of 2010 online votes

Results - 1st Online Vote 2009
After nearly eight month's voting, visitors expressed 29,001 valid opinions out of a total of 34,797 opinions cast.
The following works are winners of the 2009 'Celeste Prize' online vote:

‘Beyond’ by Iacopo Raugei
'Nuotatore tuffatore' by Antonino Gambino

Photography & Digital Graphics
‘A rainy day’ by Paolo Schifano
'He was my father' by Antonio De Luca

Installation & Sculpture
BreakUP no 22’ by JoJo Tillman
'C'è lo vedi?' by Manuela Mancioppi

Video & Animation
The online vote was won by two works which have already been chosen as Celeste Prize 2009 finalists: ‘Lyapis Trubetskoy - Capital’by Aliaksei Tserakhau (first) and ‘LoopLoop’by Patrick Bergeron (second). Third and fourth were:

‘The Kiss’  by Giuseppe Ragazzini
'Organic' by Chloe Tallot

Live Media
‘Jorn Utzon Borealis’ by Javier Milara
'Sounds of complexity' by Kinotek