Behind the seemingly appearance of these creations,unfolds a multi-layered puzzle of reality.
The three dimensionality of the pictorial content allows,infact
encourages a multitude of interpretations each stemming from
the personal experience of observer!
Mathias Waske completes his studies at the State's University for Fine Art in Frankfurt/Main(Prof.Burkhardt,Prof.Schreiter),later
travels to Florence and Venice.
Since 1968 he has been living and working in Munich and the South of France.
He is well-known for his original and witty ideas and for his extraordinary painting technique.His subjects are visions between invented reality and experienced imagination,parodies between superficial wit and insidious irony.
Extensive exhibitions in Europe,USA ,China and Japan as well as numerous international artawards demonstrate that his bizarre paintings convey a contemporary imagery to our modern society.