Built in

Live Media, Human figure, Real time processing graphics
My idea is based on the notion of free space, a period of dead time which is possible to administrate and encounter. My intention is to circumscribe and define this specific time in order to shape this dimension, to make it physical. “Built in”. The box sight incorporates inside a restless and claustrophobic body, in perpetual movement, in order to support and create a structure and the basis of the walls. The box-object is representing the fragility and the vulnerability of the “dismissed” time. Our point of view and the choice we make unable us to cope with the different phases in progress.
“Built in” is an environment-work consisting of different boxes recalling the social aesthetic of urban areas where each frame/box preserves a figure, a body. The relationship between those entities is taking place only on a visual level, as long as each person follows its own sequence and makes it run autonomously: by a space research, a construction of geometric forms, and by building the basis of the structure.
The thin line between the physical and the virtual level is activated and altered by visitors, according to their motions; they can speed up or stop the videos projected. In the same way works the sound, functioning like a background, it increases and decreases while accompanying and bringing back the gestures of the “holographic” bodies. A symbiotic interaction due to the presence of public.

600 x 350 x 200 cm (width x height x depth)
the measure can be resized for a specific space.

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Carlo Strano
7 years ago
Carlo Strano Artist
bellissimo lavoro complimenti

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