Speaker Performing Kiosk is an ongoing sound performance project that takes the form of an autarchic performing device: a portable self-contained sonic node developing the idea of the speaker not as an object that reproduces sound but as an object that generates it. This electronic instrument uses analog feedback as its raw material, exploring the human body as a sound processing tool. Holding two wireless microphones in his hands, the performer transforms the emerging sound flux in real time both acoustically – by physically exploring the resulting interference patterns in the room – and digitally – by means of the SuperCollider software. While inside the device, the performer creates fields of resonance and shifting currents of air pressure in the exhibition space using his body as an antenna to interact with this hybrid system.

This “stand-alone” device consists of an aluminum cubic structure of 8 feet each side that can hold its own light and sound systems. The eight speakers and the two microphones become the actual sound sources, while he actions of the performer, the room and the computer modulate them; acoustic and digital data are entwined, unbalancing the sound flux into a feedback choir.

NOTE: The performance allows also for a simpler version without the structure, where only speakers on stands surround the performer.

With support from the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS-University of Washington) and Universidad de Quilmes (Proyecto I+D S.A.E.T.A.S.).

Other video:
https://vimeo.com/46331850 [Live at ICMC 2011/travel version]

Size: H2.20 D2.20 W2.20mts
Weight: 70Kg

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