Ian, Rem, Kal

Ian, Rem, Kal

Painting, Portrait, Political / Social, Architecture, Landscape, Mixed technique, 75x99x5cm
Graphite on paper; acrylic on board,
3 sets of diptych, frame: 75 x 99cm each

A global culture fragmented and wounded by divisive ideologies is the condition that situates Ian, Rem, Kal. The stage is set for three involuntary separatists: Ian Curtis’ tortured life that led to his suicide; Rem Koolhaas’ abandonment of poetic space (his departure from building interiors into the bigness of city planning); and Kal El’s struggle for acceptance on earth because of his alien origin and his impossibility of being human.

These separatists tread on a commonality, that is fulfillment through architecture. Ian: The Hacienda, Rem: CCTV tower, and Kal: The Fortress of Solitude. If the exhibition - Space, Flat - that this work was created for is about an architect’s growing suspicion of his profession, then in this case architecture plays the urgent role of being a medium that connects people, regardless of their separatist tendencies. Perhaps this would be a reason for finding space in flatness.

Exhibition of Ian, Rem, Kal at Celeste Prize 2012 is supported by the National Arts Council (Singapore), the Singapore International Foundation and Helutrans Artmove.

note: please see the other 2 diptychs in portfolio Ian, Rem, Kal http://www.celesteprize.com/portfolios/idu:59718/idc:605/

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