Vassilissa la bella. La morte.

Vassilissa la bella. La morte.

"Vasilisa the Beautiful. The Death."
“The mother at the point of death” is symbolized by an opened and disassembled matriosca who bequeaths a doll to her daughter. It will help Vasilissa in times of trouble.
The initiation process begins when the dear and good "mother of the psyche" dies.
The black graphical signs in the background represent the structure of the story to come, of the life that will be. They are the scaffolding of the Leporello that will contain the story. They are the beginning of the work to do, with oneself, by ourrself, but with the help of the "doll", our wealth of resources.

I draw from the various versions of this fairy tale to reinterpret and recontextualize the journey of this female heroine. Mostly through the drawing.
I tried to capture the distinctive atmosphere of the story by focusing on some issues of existence as the relationship with nature, the tension between death and birth also understood as spiritual and sexual growth, the iconography female.
The work encompasses a few smaller related projects such as ceramic sculpture, ceramic vassels and the artist's book.

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