Sound of Nature

Sound of Nature

Installation, Political / Social, Landscape, Various materials, 200x200x140cm
Marika Marchese, young, occupied this space, which she calls "piece of land", with a minimal strip of iron painted black which supported two headsets, one on the right which emitted the melodious sounds of nature, not man-made sounds but a succession of elements and natural phenomena such as wind, storm, the drip of rain and the voices of animals ordered in accordance with the hours in which they are heard. Her piece of land belongs to those neglected and uncultivated places which Gilles Clément, landscape author of "Le jardin en Mouvement" would define as "residual,"
meaning with that term, a strip of land abandoned after having been previously used, with the ability to become a haven for biodiversity, redeeming, so man's bad work.

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