Il sogno

Il sogno

Painting, Abstract informal, Oil, 100x100x1cm
This painting is loosely based on the eponymous opera by Gaetano Previati (1852-1920), the original exponent of pointillism. Divisionism is an artistic phenomenon that has developed in Italy since the 90s of XIX century. He builds on the Neo-Impressionism and is characterized by the color separation in points or lines that interact with each other in the optical sense; It can be defined as a specific variation of Pointillism (pointillism of Seurat and Signac). The artists who developed this technique never gave shape to their ideas in a poster, so divisionism can not be called a painting movement. According to some of its main exponent is Pellizza Volpedo, according to other Giovanni Segantini. Gaetano Previati he codified the directives and developed the influencing lines both in Liguria and on the Lombard. His painting technique has positively influenced me, fluid brushstroke and wiry that he employed to make the floating and inner image appears continuous, has become for me a system appropriate to give rhythm to the composition. Combining the method in search of informal art aesthetic, I have come to call this style ' Divisionism not projective', using the definition given by Rudolf Arnheim (1904-2007) of that painting is not tied to conventional ways of representing reality.
Graziano Ferrari
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lucia leopardi
3 years ago
bello e tutto cio' che hai scritto riguardo a Previati lo condivido interamente e le sue opere sono ancora di grande ispirazione.
ti auguro buon fine settimana.
Nanouk Reicht
3 years ago
Nanouk Reicht Art lover
Che dolce colori...Maravilia !!

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