I Can See Trouble Ahead

I Can See Trouble Ahead

The images are based on studies of cognitive and visual perception in that they exploit limitations of visual perception and become a metaphor for social dynamics. If presented with two or more competing realities, our brains visual perception reacts in two ways. As in the Necker Cube Illusion, the brain will switch between possible realities, or will synthesise the realities into a plausible unreality. Cognitively, if we accept the premise that it is impossible to neither prove nor disprove the existence of God and we are solely reliant on evidence to draw conclusions, it is possible to say as an ideal, that there is no possibility of proof and that at best proof consists only as an internal consistency which when applied will result in a higher level of predictability. As we have seen with the development of politics in recent times, when politicians put their self interest before the welfare of the country, the competing realities in an adversarial democratic system, the resultant public policy takes on a Kafkaesque absurdity.

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