UV Islands I, II, & III (Hips, Torso, Chest)

UV Islands I, II, & III (Hips, Torso, Chest)

The image is a 3D render of a work not yet in production. The sculptural installation will be a vacuum-formed ABS plastic sheet cast from a 3D model. The plastic sheet is UV printed with a high resolution 2D texture. The sculpture is divided into three separate pieces. The work will go into production pending funding approval.

In this work I explore the process of uploading and re-assembling my physical body in cyberspace. High resolution scans of my body are composited and stitched together using software to create a detailed simulated topological landscape representing a re-constructed virtual identity. This work aims to investigate the ephemerality of representation, the body as a virtually defined boundary, and identity as a virtual/social construction. The production of the work, and the material used in its production, also explore the commodified underpinnings of virtual identity construction within a capitalist structure.

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