Culture Cookies

Culture Cookies

Installation, Political / Social, Still life, Interiors, Various materials, 500x10x500cm
The installation is divided into two brackets: text and object. The text reads: “There is a gold coin under one cookie, 1 try only”. The visitors walk on the text, read it, then walk in the cupcakes area and think: under which cupcake is the gold? Which one should I pick? Why is it called cookie?

Culture is a delicious cookie that comes with a blade. Just like the internet cookie, culture sneakily infiltrates our information system to control our thoughts and guide our actions. The production and the consumption of culture have always been manipulated by political, religious and economic cooks. Contrary to the popular belief, censorship of cultural expression is not an exercise of force, but rather a gesture of support for the ongoing fabrication of official truth; a blade dipped in sugar, coated with glitter, and served on gold.

We read cookie and gold but we eat blade. We cannot stop the precipitation of culture blades, but we can adjust our position. By inviting the audience inside the cookie area, I try to shake their role as passive cultural consumers; I invite them to scrutinize and demystify cultural information, and put them in the role of cultural actors and critics.

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Anita Toutikian Open Studio
9 years ago
Interactive installation with papier mache cupcakes, decorated with glitters and a blade on the top, safely coated with silicone, and served with a delicate paper cup with traditional arabic coffee.

The artist invites viewers to try just one of the cupcakes because there is a gold coin under one of them.

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