La casa dell'aria, Michele Amato

La casa dell'aria, Michele Amato


I wouldn't at all be surprised if in the near future, I came across a box-like structure with the inscription 'The House of Air.' Spotlessly clean filtered air, non-allergenic and cleansing, smooth with 'sea breeze' or 'alpine freshness' essences, to inhale in a few seconds with disposable masks at a cost accessible to all!

If humans had seriously wanted to live in a cleaner environment they would have addressed the problem earlier, instead of continuing to take excessive advantage of our natural resources, such as land, sea and sky, by drilling, digging, burying, covering and spilling.

Meanwhile, as intelligent beings, we continue to design innovative solutions for our failures. You would have thought that by now we would have a stumbled upon water homes?

The art installation, I propose to build is called 'La casa dell'aria' or 'The house of air.' It's not conceived with the typically human claim to solve the problem of pollution, by re-creating an environment in which we can breathe again, nor does it propose a new business start-up or enhance the quality of its visionary author. Instead, it would like with subtle irony, to bring attention to a problem and raise awareness so that we will not need in the future to install real Air Houses!


If my goal of 3,500 € contribuitions is reached I will invest the full amount, in the development of my project and in the preparations for an exhibition planned at the University of Verona, Italy, in 2016.
- Materials to create and build the project 1,400 €
- Transport 1,000 €
- Rewards for Raisers and delivery costs 500 €
- Installation materials 400 €
- Contingency fund 200 €

Collected 3,510 € 18 Raisers

Aim was to raise 3,500 € by 02 November 2015

CO2 - carbon dioxide

Reward: A specially designed and signed balloon with air from 'La casa dell'aria'.

10 €

H2O - water

Reward: A commemorative postcard, limited edition, handpainted and signed (15 cm x 20 cm).

30 €

O3 - ozone

Reward: Set of 3 postcards, limited edition, handpainted and signed (10 cm x 15 cm).

50 €

Ar - argon

Reward: A special, spray-can containing air from 'La casa dell'aria'.

100 €

N2 - nitrogen

Reward: Your name engraved on the work; a signed, limited edition photograph of 'La casa dell'aria'.

200 €

O2 - oxygen

Reward: Your name engraved on the work; a signed, single edition photograph of 'La casa dell'aria'.

300 €


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