Exhibitions, United Kingdom, London, 17 January 2013
In Your Shoes is an artistic project developed by Maria Jole Serreli in collaboration with Fabio Costantino Macis and Riccardo Giuseppe Mereu.
The aim of the project is to promote EMERGENCY humanitarian activities and to fundraise for its projects around the world. To achieve these goals, young Italian and international artists as well as celebrities are involved in the project.
The title of the project was chosen to symbolise the emphatic action of ‘putting ourselves in someone’s shoes’ through the donation of shoes themselves, in particular someone who is suffering because of war and poverty. Many welcomed the project with great enthusiasm: Manchester City’s striker Mario Ballotelli was the first to donate his shoes and show his support to EMERGENCY. The Oscar-winner Italian film maker Giuseppe Tornatore and Antonio Marras, famous in the international fashion industry for his collaboration with Kenzo, also donated their shoes.
Two years after the birth of the project, In Your Shoes will be officially presented in London on the 29th of January 2012 during the Italian Art Festival, a series of exhibitions on Italian art organised by Nadia Spita that will take place form the 17th to the 29th of January at Vibe Gallery.
The closing day of the Italian Art Festival will be entirely dedicated to In Your Shoes. In Your Shoes staff and EMERGENCY UK staff together with the trustee Gianuca Cantalupi will be at the event to illustrate in greater depth the project. The first two artworks, Fabio Costantino Macis’ video and the artistic re-elaboration of Mario Balotelli’s shoes by Maria Jole Serreli and Damjan Komel, will be pre-viewed at the event.

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Associazione Roberta Smedili
7 years ago
un grande in bocca al lupo

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