Expo Bologna 2018 VIII edition presides Prof. Philippe Daverio
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 19 January 2018
In the prestigious Wikiarte Gallery in Via San Felice 18, an exhibition space of 300 square meters in the historic center of Bologna, a few steps from the famous Nettuno, in conjunction with Arte Fiera Bologna 2018, which brought in 2017 over 60,000 visitors from all over the world, opens the yearly exhibition year with the exhibition "EXPO BOLOGNA 2018 VIII edition", which will feature the works of contemporary Italian and foreign artists from 19 January to 21 February 2018. The event, after the success of the past editions that have passed famous international figures such as Prof. Gian Ruggero Manzoni, Prof. Giovanni Faccenda, just to name a few, will be presented this year as well as in the 2015 edition of the famous critic and art historian and new artistic director of the Grand Museum of the Milan Cathedral, PROF. PHILIPPE DAVERIO, journalist and television broadcaster of important cultural interest (we recall the most renowned Art'è on Rai 3, Passepartout on Rai 5).
For full selections and bidding please send an email to info@wikiarte.com.

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