Live reflections
Exhibitions, Italy, Milano, 20 September 2019
The exhibition of Aleksei Duplyakov at Gli eroici furori presents a series of photographs that belong to a project to which the artist has been working for some time, called Reflections.
From a first nucleus of works in black and white, the research proceeds and continues enriching itself with images that see the use of color as a new strength.

At stake is the very concept of vision and perception by the observer and their reversal; on an aesthetic level the artist's work consists of the duplication of the image that starts from a luxuriant nature to be contemplated and that at the same time gives us strong emotions.

A Nature portrayed in perspective doubled as from an augmented reality for a huge evolution of the technique.

The result of his shots recalls the Rorschach Test, used by psychologists as a basis for the interpretation of personality.
It is no coincidence that Aleksei, speaking of his photographic project, underlines that what the observer sees in the photographic frame is nothing but the reflection of his soul.

As the curator Alessia Locatelli underlines in her critical text: “Aleksei's photographs possess the strength of centering and balance, thanks also to the technique of“ duplication ”which - vertically and horizontally - amplifies and emphasizes the lines of force of the image itself. These are shots that contribute to altering exactly those fixed points that make up the idea that we have of things in the world “.

Live Reflection by Aleksei Dupliakov is a research that shows that our perception is often in unstable balance between our senses and our way of being, our way of thinking and our soul, our self and our unconscious, the real and something that goes beyond the visible line proceeding elsewhere.

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